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Chef Chat: Brian Ferguson, 98 South

Brian Ferguson runs the most organized, least serious army platoon in town. It's also the tastiest.

Those are his words, by the way, "army platoon." He describes his team as "a very tight, cohesive unit. You don't have to have a lot of explanation or talking; the guys know exactly what to do.

"Heads down and focused," he says.

Of course, his platoon of four young men wear chef's whites instead of camouflage, and they  run drills in the kitchen of 98 South in downtown Chandler instead of in the Middle East.

But they're just as disciplined -- if you ad in a healthy dose of dirty jokes and, oh, The group of culinary school graduates create the French/American cuisine at this downtown Chandler hot spot, under the tutelage of Chef Ferguson, a Navy vet from Louisiana (he pronounces it, Loo-si-anna), who has a sly smile, perfect manners and a touch of Southern charm.

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Lauren Gilger
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