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Chef Chat: Julian Wright of La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Wine Bar (Part Two)

Yesterday we sat down with Julian Wright of La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Wine Bar. Lucky for you, there's a part two!

Want to hear about his love for Desert Sweet Shrimp or his pitch for the Food Network? Read on!

What are your rules in the kitchen?
It's really simple. There are no titles or positions in this restaurant, period. Every guy in the kitchen has to know how and be willing to do every single job back there.

Phoenix has the best _______ (culinary wise).
Phoenix has the best pizza, or at least we're number two. I think we have better pizza than Chicago. I think we have the best shrimp. If you haven't been to Desert Sweet Shrimp, you need to. You wouldn't think the desert has any good shrimp, but that place is great and it's all sustainable.

Phoenix has the worst ________ (culinary wise)
There's not a lot of convenient healthy food around here. That's what this town needs more than anything right now and I hate to give a great idea away, but it's really hard to eat healthy if you're in a hurry, especially in Tempe.

Who's your favorite celebrity chef?

I like Bobby Flay, and I really like Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel, just because of his experience and his past.

Who should not have a food show?
I can't stand Rachel Ray. She puts on this fake persona when she's probably a real bitch in person. I also find Guy Fieri pretty annoying, he reminds me of all the guys out on the lake.

What food show do you want to pitch?
I think a great concept would be, "Where Does Your Food Come From?" I know they do a little of that with Food, inc., but I had Progresso soup the other day in my house and there were these chicken dumpling meatball things in there and I thought they were the foulest, most disgusting things. I want to know how that thing is made, where that chicken comes from ... It would be interesting to have a show that really held the companies accountable for what was in their food. If you're serving total shit, you should have to admit to it. I want to know what companies have the balls to invite people into their kitchens.

(This was part two of our interview with Julian Wright of La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Wine Bar, check out part one and stay tuned for his pizza recipe tomorrow ... )  

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