Chef Chat: Our Lady of Cupcakes, Part Two

Yesterday we talked with Katie True and Lisa Even of Our Lady of Cupcakes. Today the conversation continues when we ask them about the cupcake market and what they see in their future.

What advice would you give someone looking at becoming a small business owner?

Lisa: If we would have done what every book and every website or conventional small business owner said, we wouldn't be in business right now. Because just the process of trying to get loans and things in this economy is very difficult. If you can make it work organically, definitely do that. Especially in the food business, you have so many other options than just running out and opening up a restaurant.

KT: Everything was trying to push us to open a store, and we didn't want to do that right off the bat. Explore all the different ways you can make your business work without just getting a loan and crossing your fingers. It's really freed us up to do what we want to do in a way that we're comfortable doing it.

Are you worried about the cupcake bubble bursting any time soon?

KT: No, I think it's a product that people are always going to want. Cupcakes are great for weddings. At a wedding, you pay people to serve slices of cake, but cupcakes are single serving, you can have multiple flavors...there are a lot of reasons why it's preferable. I don't think it's a fad.

Lisa: I really feel like if you put a good product out there, even if it starts as a trend, people are going to want it. If you're talking about good food, people come back for more. They crave it. The cupcake trend might slow down, but I think if you're putting out a great product, people are still going to want it.

What do you think of the cupcake ATM?

Lisa: Oh, man... KT: How...? They can't be fresh.... The machine doesn't bake and frost them right...? Lisa: It's like a vending machine I guess...but that's weird. KT: We'd have to have one of us back there baking the whole time.

Would you ever go on Cupcake Wars?

Lisa: Noooooooooo. Too stressful. KT: No way. That is the number one question people ask us all the time everywhere we go. We are really mellow people, and that just looks like torture. Lisa: The French guy doesn't like anything! Every time [the Sprinkles woman] tells someone their cake is dry I'm like, "Woman, have you been to your store?" KT: I don't know if it's just our store because we're in the desert, but seriously, what is that lady talking about?

Tomorrow we'll have the Our Lady of Cupcakes recipe for peanut butter frosting.

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