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Chef Chris Mayo on the Future of Central Bistro in Phoenix and the Independent Dining Scene

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Things have changed a lot since Central Bistro open its doors on the northwest corner of Camelback Road and 32nd Street in fall 2012. Back then, the restaurant game in the Biltmore area was competitive, but nowhere near the level it is at today.

In the past two years, the dining scene along the Camelback corridor has exploded -- it's got to be nearing saturation point, right? -- and as you can imagine, that's a big deal for Mayo.

"We're not naive to what's happening around us," Mayo says.

And as any smart chef (and businessman, for that matter) would do, Mayo's looking for ways to differentiate the restaurant from those around it.

The changes, which will be reflected a new menu set to launch soon, will include focusing less on "meat and potatoes" in order to give diners lighter options, like seafood and vegetables. He says he intends to stay true to the restaurant's "French and Italian soul." In the future, Mayo hopes to change the menu about three times a year, while remaining ever-conscious of the popular dishes (like the wood-grilled artichoke) that have become mainstays.

Mayo intends to become a mainstay, too. The chef says he has no intentions of leaving Central Bistro anytime soon, not even to help open restaurateur German Osio's highly anticipated Sumo Maya restaurant in Scottsdale. Part of the draw? The neighborhood.

"Arcadia seems to be really hot right now," Mayo says. "It's one of the few places where there's a true sense of community."

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