Chef James Porter Leaves Big Earl's BBQ

After just over a year, chef James Porter is leaving Big Earl's BBQ in Scottsdale, where he was chef and operating manager, and focusing full time on Petite Maison, his Parisian bistro in Old Town Scottsdale.

Porter was able to open Big Earl's (formerly Jac's Pizzeria) just thirty days after he took on the project last January, a responsibility that included a food and bar menu, logo, decor, staffing, and license changes.

"Opening Big Earl's in such a short time was like a reality show, only it really was reality," says Porter.

Most recently, Big Earl's BBQ saw some TV love in November when it was visited by Adam Richman of Travel Channel's, Man v. Food.

Big Earl's BBQ's owner, Scottsdale-based JABD Enterprises, LLC, is now the sole manager of the restaurant.

Let's hope after Porter's departure, those Big Earl's permanent tattoos two guests received last month aren't all for nothing.

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