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Chef Linda Schneider's Potato Candy

Over the past two days we've brought you the highlights of our time with pastry chef Linda Schneider of 21 Cakes. If you haven't made it out to the shop since it open last August, the elegant confections and beautiful space in which to enjoy them will make the drive worth your while.

We asked the confection connoisseur if she's worried about the frosting wave of the cupcake-craze reaching the shore anytime soon. Here's what she had to say:

"I shouldn't say that I don't look that far ahead, but I'm loving this so much, the fact that I was able to open this store. We are a family. I'm so lucky, I have the best people working with me and everyday we're pretty darn happy in here. So I think we just enjoy everyday and take it as I comes and introduce new products to show people we can do more... "

With that said, she shared her recipe for Potato Candy, a unique confection that has been popular in Pennsylvania for decades. 


1 boiled medium size potato - cold
16 ounces powdered sugar
peanut butter
1/2 tsp vanilla

Mash the potato, add vanilla and sugar until the consistency is like dough. Roll out and spread dough with peanut butter. Roll up, chill in the refrigerator until the candy is firm enough to cut into bite size pieces.

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