Chef Mel Mecinas of Talavera Restaurant Added to Cycle Lineup

It's not over yet, folks.

Cycle, the pop-up venue inside the Lexington Hotel in downtown Phoenix that's shutting its doors on August 27th, when the restaurant and hotel will transform itself into a boutique, arts-driven hotel and restaurant, has added one more event to its expiring venue lineup.

On Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27, acclaimed chef Mel Mecinas of Talavera restaurant and the dining properties at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale will go gastropub. Called "TEN600," Mecinas and his sous chef Jesse Hansen will serve up high-end gastropub fare including korabuta pork meatloaf sliders, artichoke-crab fondue, braised pork belly, and a chocolate brownie sundae in a jar.

Mecinas' menu can be explored a la carte, or enjoyed as a 3-course affair. For the full menu and where to make reservations, follow the jump.

TEN600 A pop-up gastropub by chef Mel Mencinas Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27

Bar Food Served all night, including the dining room

Mini Ahi Tuna Taco / Crispy Wonton / Avocado $3

"Baked Potato" Tater Tots $ 4

Korabuta Pork Meat loaf Slider / Smoked Ketchup $4

Spiced Potato Chips / Sweet onion dip $4

Bowl of Queen Creek Olives $3

Appetizers - $9

Wedge Salad / Tobacco Onions / Tomato / Avocado / Blue Cheese

Buffalo Chili / Jalapeno Corn Bread / Grilled Onions

Artichoke-crab Fondue / Grilled Sausage / Crostini

Entrées - $18

Braised Pork Belly / Tiger Shrimp / Cheddar Grits

Four Peaks Beer Battered Fish & Chips / Coleslaw / Bourbon Aioli

"Steak & Eggs" / Hanger Steak / Over Easy Egg / Short Rib Hash /Creamy Onions Jus

Sweets - $6

Cheesecake Slider / Funnel Cake "Fries" / Raspberry "Ketchup"

Chocolate Brownie Sundae in a Jar

Also available as a 3-course menu for $32. Choose any appetizer, entrée and dessert

To make reservations, go here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.