Chef Nobuo Fukuda Brings Japanese Treats to Welcome Diner

This really puts the "welcome" in Welcome Diner.

James Beard Award-winning chef Nobuo Fukuda is testing out dishes for his in-the-works restaurant this coming Saturday (August 8) at Welcome Diner (924 E. Roosevelt). It's the second such night he's hosted since closing Sea Saw in early June.

Although Fukuda's new izakaya concept is still under wraps (I'm sworn to secrecy on the possible location, but Central Phoenix is a strong contender), fans can get a taste preview with his latest menu, a roundup of casual street foods with Fukuda's sophisticated spin: pork belly with steamed buns and pickled mustard greens, soft shell crab sandwich with kanzuri aioli on homemade foccacia, okonomiyaki slathered in Japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce (a taste of Japanese summer festivals that I can't wait to eat...), kakigori (shaved ice), and ramune soda to wash it all down.  

Here's the full menu: welcome diner menu 2.doc

The BYOB event runs from sundown to midnight. Kampai!

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