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Chef Paul Lindsay's Trio of Sliders

We've been chatting with Chef Paul Lindsay of Le Grande Orange Pizzeria this week in Chef Chat and today, he'll share his recipe for a trio of sliders that sure to make your mouth water.

Trio of Sliders

Crispy Lobster Slider

Ingredients: 1 each 2 oz lobster tail meat ( meat removed from shell) Buttermilk for soaking tail meat 1 each buttermilk slider bun toasted Small wild rocket arugula leaves ( 4 each) 2 slices tomato Pancetta Spicy Russian sauce Seasoned flour Peanut oil

Soak tail meat in buttermilk, dredge meat in seasoned flour and fry in iron skillet, cook until crispy and cooked through. Place crispy lobster on bottom of bun along with arugula, tomato, pancetta. Serve spicy Russian on the side.

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Pesto Chicken Slider

Ingredients: 3 oz baked pulled chicken breast (pulled to thin julienned strips) 1 each buttermilk slider bun toasted 1oz vegan basil pesto (toasted sunflower seeds, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste)

Mix pesto and pulled chicken together in a bowl, mix well to ensure even coating throughout. Place 3 oz of pesto chicken on toasted slider bun. Serve hot or cold.

Braised Short Rib Slider

Ingredients: 3 oz Braised Short Rib meat ( pulled ) 1 each Buttermilk slider bun toasted 1/2 oz Russian Dressing 1 each Slice Tillamook Cheddar

Heat pulled Short Rib meat in a skillet, toast slider bun and evenly spread Russian Dressing on top half of bun, place short rib meat on bottom half of bun, place 1 slice tillamook cheddar on top of meat and melt.

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