Chef Who? Local Businesses Don't Know Local Chefs

Regular Chow Bella readers should easily be able to rattle off names of Phoenix's elite chefs like Eddie Matney and Michael de Maria, but according to the O'Neil Associates/ASBA Arizona Economic Indicators Monitor, the average joe on the street has no idea. 

Three thousand local businesses were asked to voice their pick for the Valley's top chef/restaurant owner to complete this report. So how did Phoenix's bastions of culinary experience rank? 

According to the O'Neil Associations' report: "By far, the most common response was, 'I've never heard of any of these people' (63%). Among those actual persons who were cited, however, Sam Fox (13%) and Mark Tarbell (10%) dominated responses. Others who were cited included Eddie Matney (4%), Vincent Guerithault (4%), Christopher Gross (3%), Robert McGrath (1%), and Michael de Maria (1%)." -- Jonathan McNamara


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