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Chefs Charleen Badman, Justin Beckett, and More to Present at Ignite Food

After over a month's worth of submissions, Ignite Food, founder Jeff Moriarty's spinoff idea of Ignite Phoenix, has announced its lineup of presenters -- each of whom will have five minutes to speak on a food- or drink-related topic.

Headed up by customer relationship management consultant and foodie Chris Lee, the Ignite Food team has selected 16 speakers for the March 19 event at Stand Up Live at Cityscape in Downtown Phoenix. Two of them are FnB's chef Charleen Badman, who has a presentation called "Starting From Scratch," and chef Justin Beckett of Beckett's Table, who will speak about eating at 24 San Francisco restaurants in 36 hours.

Other Ignite Food presenters include The Breadfruit owner Dwayne Allen, Go Lb. Salt's Aaron Eckburg, and co-founder of Chow Locally, Derek Slife.

Read on for the rest of the Ignite Food lineup and to find out when tickets go on sale.

Tickets for Ignite Food will be $15 and go on sale at 10 a.m., Saturday, February 25. For more information, go here.

Ignite Food Topics and Presenters (listed in alphabetical order):

The Full Monty of Rum -- Dwayne Allen (owner The Breadfruit)

I want YOU for the Food Nerd Army -- Dominic Armato

Eatathon-sf (24 restaurants in 36 hours) -- Justin Beckett (chef/owner Beckett's Table)

Starting from scratch -- Charleen Badman (chef/owner FnB)

Salt is salt is salt is sooooo wrong! -- Aaron Eckburg (owner Go Lb. Salt)

Makin' bacon (at home) -- Zach Garcia

Food, Microbes, and Human Health -- Bradley Lusk

Astronaut vs. Apocalypse food -- Bill Mar

Complicated Food Restrictions -- Doable & Affordable! -- Cinder McDonald

It's Pronounced Glenfiddi-CK not, Glenfiddi-CH -- Jason Miller

Herbanizing Phoenix -- Chris Petroff

That's just offal...or BRAINS! -- Cisco Saavedra

Agrarian Ethics: Coming Back to the Land -- Paul Schwennesen (Double Check Ranch )

My journey to the home of hops! -- Derek Slife (co-founder Chow Locally)

The Unexplainable Awesomeness of the Burrito -- Brian Sun

Farms, Not Pharmacies -- Monika Woolsey

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