Chefs, What Are You Making Your Mom for Mother's Day?

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For many chefs, the one person who most closely shares their passion and love for cooking is dear ol' mom.

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So on Mother's Day, this Sunday, May 12, what do chefs do for the woman who gave them so much in the way of culinary love, inspiration, and support? I asked a few what they had planned and this is what they had to say.

Aaron May Chef and Restaurateur

My mom has a sweet tooth and loves lemon, so there is one sure-fire dish I make that she always loves: a baked pancake with lemon mousse and raspberries for brunch. Easy on me and always makes her happy.

Josh Hebert Chef and Owner, Posh

Honestly, okonomiyaki. Every time I see my mom, she asks me to make it.

Michael O'Dowd Chef and Owner, Renegade Tap and Kitchen

I call my wife "Mamma," so I'm sure I'll be busting out some traditional eats with some boutique grapes to sip on. Most likely I'll do an Asian-style marinade for duck and turkey and get a little crazy with the sides. I'm all about the dessert and the sides, so that's where I'll spend my time.

Romeo Taus Chef and Owner, Romeo's Cafe

Mititei, a Romanian specialty made with ground lamb, veal, and beef, garlic, herbs, and spices then hand-shaped as sausages and grilled.

Chef Dean Delgado Ncounter and T.C. Eggington's

I will make her my usual and her favorite: spaghetti and meatballs. My mom grew up in a simpler time and eats that way. Spaghetti and meatballs makes her happy, so spaghetti and meatballs it is.

Brian Dooley Chef and Owner, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue

I come from a real Midwestern meat-and-potatoes family, so I would probably make a nice, thick pan-seared strip steak, very rare, with a baked potato and green salad -- my mom's favorite meal.

Dave Andrea Owner, Brat Haus

If mom was still around, I'd whip together a simple meal of corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes, and carrots to honor her Irish heritage.

Kelly Sample Owner, Cucina Tagliani

If I could, I would make my mom our favorite meal growing up: mostaccioli pasta and homemade "gravy" (marinara sauce), hand-rolled meatballs, fresh spinach, and asparagus.

Eddie Castillo Chef and Owner, AZ Food Crafters

Mom's favorite: roasted chicken stuffed with sun dried tomato, spinach, and goat cheese on a bed of roasted root vegetables. Simple but classic.

Bill Sandweg Owner, Copper Star Coffee

A vegetarian sandwich with homemade hummus for her lunch on Monday.

Christopher Costantino Chef and Owner, Costantino's Kitchen

My mother has already requested polenta topped with lamb shanks braised in Costantino's Kitchen pasta sauce.

Chef Admir Alibasic Ben & Jack's Steakhouse, Scottsdale

My mom enjoys a good New York steak sirloin, so I will grill her a beautiful steak, medium-rare, accompanied by fresh broccoli sautéed in oil and garlic. We'll probably start with a nice mixed green salad and then I'll make her a delicious tiramisu for dessert. This is what she likes, so I try to please her every year.

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