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Chefs, What's on Your Summer Reading List?

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Josh Hebert, Chef and Owner, Posh

I have a book that my wife got me not long ago called, The Art of Fermentation [by Sandor Ellix Katz]. It's about tofus, vinegars, and misos. I'm excited to read it. Need more culture in my life -- pun intended.

Bryan Dooley, Chef and Owner, Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue

Call me Ishmael, but right now I'm re-reading Moby Dick. Definitely not casual reading, but really cool. After that, I have some Ray Bradbury and a pile of Bukowski waiting for me.

Aaron Eckburg, Owner, Go Lb. Salt

Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison, American Wine by Jancis Robinson, and a couple of hobby farming books. We're still moving in the direction of establishing the first truffiere in the desert Southwest. Gardening, viniculture, and hobby farming are an integral part of that plan.

Chef Theresa Wille, 32 Shea

I've been meaning to read The Flavor Bible [by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg] for sometime now and I finally picked up a copy. A great reference book to have around. You can form a better understanding of the compatibility between ingredients.

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