Chez Nous, part deux

Just in time for a holiday toast, there's a new, er, old bar that just debuted down on Grand Avenue.

It's Chez Nous Cocktail Lounge, avec une nouvelle maison.

The funky, old-school local favorite lost its longtime digs (sniff, sniff) to new development at 7th Ave and Indian School, but somehow kept its momentum, moving into the space that used to house Fat Cat's.

From what I've heard, owner Amina Uben has completely renovated and suitably swankified the place -- although if she turns the lights down as low as they did at the old Chez Nous, you won't be able to see much of it. Nothing wrong with a dark, cozy hangout, though.

Check it out at 915 N. Grand Avenue, which is basically a block northwest of 7th Ave and Van Buren. For more info, call 602-266-7372.


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