Chicago Hamburger Company : Lunch $10 and Under

With lines out the door and a full parking lot, The Chicago Hamburger Company on east Indian School has to be doing something right.

This joint, which bills itself as the "Home of the Windy City Slider," serves up single cheese sliders at $1.07 a pop. Order four of these babies and a soda and you're still well under $10. 

It's a classic lunch spot. It takes you out of work mode and puts you in a wholly new environment -- in this case a sports memorabilia laden Chicago with good prices, friendly service, and chili fries, hotdogs and onion rings.

There are daily specials -- we tried the Philly cheesesteak for $5.75, which came with a generous amount of peppers. We also had sliders and an order of fries -- all of it good and satisfying. 

And you've got to love the sign next to the order window that says, "Free Sliders When the Cubs or Sox Win the World Series." Is there anything better than a mom and pop shop with a dream? 

Next time, we're saving room for the banana shake.

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