Chill sweetens up Tempe

Alright, so I haven't gotten to the point where I've turned on my car A/C yet, but I can definitely feel the equinox creeping up. Two weeks ago I was still bundled up in a scarf, and suddenly I'm thinking SPF. Lately I've been doing lots of springy things, like riding my bike, seeking out restaurants with patios, and window shopping for impractical shoes.

Now add eating frozen desserts to that list.

I just got back from a pit-stop at three-week-old Chill, a cute new gelato and frozen yogurt shop in Tempe, in the same Apache Boulevard strip as Tasty Kabob . . . and Pita Jungle and the bartending academy and the tattoo shop. (Don't you love the weird little clusters of businesses in Phoenix? So does SMoCA -- check out this design competition.)

The place is minimalistic but cheerful, and the lady behind the counter was super friendly. Along with more than a dozen flavors of gelato, Chill also serves tangy, tasty frozen yogurt, a la the uber-trendy Pinkberry. (That's what I ate, with several plump blackberries on top. Toppings run the gamut from fresh fruit to granola to chocolate chips.) It's pretty guilt-free, since it's made with fat-free yogurt and low-fat milk. They have non-dairy vanilla soy soft serve as well.

Chill is located at 1250 E. Apache Blvd., and opens daily at 11 a.m. Call 480-698-6101 for more information.

Oh yeah, on a related note, I got this email from a reader:

Follow the trail of Old Milwaukee cans down to Apache Junction and you'll find a little dive that could, called "Frucci". It's so disturbingly good we were certain they were putting crack in the yogurt. Well, we still have healthy appetites (and the hips to show it), so theres no crack (sorry Whitney Houston) just tart and tangy true yogurt. We eat there every single day, sometimes twice, even our clients are hooked.

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