Chipotle Is Raising Prices and You Let It Happen

They brought you the top secret quesarito and made veggie folk happy by releasing Sofritas tofu and now that you're hooked on new menu items, Chipotle is going to raise prices for the first time in three years. According to the Associated Press, the chain will introduce new menu boards in all its locations with higher prices.

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While the chain originally considered ditching guacamole all together to cut costs, luckily that option isn't happening yet. However, inflation on menu staple items like beef, avocados, and cheese are causing the chain to up prices about 5 percent.

Exact price increases have yet to be released, but the company was considering a 3 percent to 5 percent increase in the past, which would put $8 burritos and bowls up in price about a quarter or two. Definitely not that big a jump, but Chipotle's chief financial officer, Jack Hartung, told the AP that the company earned "permission" from customers to up prices due to the superior Chipotle experience.

"Most of the value comes from the experience," he said.

We don't remember giving them permission or even needing to, but whatever helps you sleep at night, Chipotle.

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