Chloe's Corner coming to Kierland

Okay, well Chloe's Corner is already here, sort of. Remember The Counter, that groovy little cafe/lunch counter/hipster boutique/gourmet mini-market across from Anthropologie at Kierland Commons? I always thought it was the quirkiest, most accessible eatery among the Fox Restaurants repertoire.

It hasn't gone anywhere. Last time I stopped by, a few weeks ago, they were randomly closed in the middle of the afternoon while Kierland staff tried to exterminate a swarm of bees. Needless to say, I didn't make it in for my 25-cent cup of coffee.

Now I need to get back there asap, just to check out the makeover. The miniscule restaurant is undergoing a revamp, and will be relaunched on Monday, October 8, at Chloe's Corner.

Gone will be the uber-edited retail selection (au revoir, fancy-ass fifty-dollar tees and cute Jonathan Adler stuff!); in its place, look for lots more seating. (32 more places to plant your butt, to be exact, along with a pretty new mural to look at while you nosh.)

Breakfast, from 7 to 10:30 a.m., will be a much bigger priority, too. New offerings include Belgian waffles and egg sandwiches. Smartly, they've kept the brilliant 25-cent cup 'o joe, and the handy grab-and-go selection will remain as well.

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