I want candy: Who knew that chocolate goes so well with so many unusual flavors?

Chocoholic Not-So-Anonymous

I don't always shop sensibly.

When I really do go grocery shopping, I break the bank. But most of the time, I have a cupboard full of edible things that don't quite add up to a full meal. Sure, I can follow a recipe -- no problem. But I'd rather wing it and use my MacGuyver instincts. Like, who knew that canned albacore mixed with a little okonomiyaki sauce tasted pretty good? Um, that would be me, on a night when I had no mayo, no onion or celery, and hell, no bread, either!

Instead, I often stock up strange, interesting products that I randomly discover -- usually ones with cool packaging, or an unusual flavor. I might have five kinds of imported cheese in the fridge, but no milk. It's totally impractical, but I can't help myself.

One obsession I've had for quite awhile is Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Vosges has a chocolate boutique on Spring Street in Manhattan, this sleek, purple-and-white shop where you can buy fancy truffles flavored with exotic ingredients like sweet curry or wasabi or Hungarian paprika. Sounds weird until you eat one -- you'll roll your eyeballs back into your head from how insanely good they are. So intense, and especially good with a cup of espresso...

Anyway, I'd found Vosges candy bars at The Counter at Kierland Commons before, but never anywhere else in town. I'd buy a couple of bars and just savor them, maybe eating one or two squares a day until they were finally gone. You'd think I could take vitamins just as religiously, but no -- only chocolate. It's health food these days, right? Mmm hmm. For awhile I even had a Vosges scented candle that a savvy friend gave me. It helped tide me through the lean days when I didn't have any chocolate on hand.

Then yesterday I found a new cache of them at Cost Plus on Camelback. Score! I can only hope this isn't just a freak thing for the Christmas season. Don't they know that I'm spending my cash on other people this month? I need a steady, year-round supply.

I just had a revelation. If I manage to get a tax return this spring, maybe I'll just sign up for that Vosges chocolate-of-the-month club...


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