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Chocoholics, rejoice!

I got a tip from a fellow chocolate freak that Chatham's Fine Chocolates is about to make a big move -- definitely in the right direction, IMHO. No offense to Hilton Village, but I'm psyched to hear that the Valley's best chocolate purveyor is heading to central Phoenix very soon.

Tomorrow marks the last day that Chatham's will be open at the Scottsdale location. According to Chatham himself, he'll be spending a good week or so moving the merch, then taking a breather for a few days before opening on October 8.

"I'm a Phoenix guy!" he told me, explaining that he went to school in Sunnyslope, and adding that he was excited about being centrally located.

The new shop will be at 114 West Camelback Road -- which means I'll be getting groceries at AJ's, browsing cute clothes at Frances, picking up some CDs at Stinkweeds, eyeing the cool toys at Red Hot Robot, and then swinging by Chatham's to get my chocolate fix.

Have you ever been to the Scottsdale shop, btw? Oh god, it is so much fun -- a whole wall of exotic bon bons, each one with a little description card. And all kinds of fancy-ass chocolate bars, including Vosges. I didn't get a chance to ask Chatham if he'll be stocking the ever-elusive bacon bar, but in case he doesn't, I'm sure he can be persuaded. Doubt you'll need to twist his arm much, because he's just so enthusiastic about chocolate.

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Michele Laudig
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