Chocolate Wine and Other Adults-Only Easter Basket Ideas

The last time I received an Easter basket, I was listening to Flock of Seagulls and teasing my hair with Aqua Net. EEEk. Egg decorating and pre-made baskets may be geared towards kids, but that doesn't mean adults have to miss out. Here are a few suggestions to make a sweet holiday basket for your 21-and-over friends. 


Chocolate's a traditional Easter basket item. And wine, well, you drink that at church services. Put the two together and you've got a perfect Easter basket gift -- and the laziest cocktail ever! Valley Cost Plus World Market locations stock Chocovine, a product that combines Dutch chocolate with cabernet.

The stuff looks like chocolate milk and costs about $10 a bottle, so I'm guessing it's not exactly Robert Mondavi reserve. But hey, it's alcohol. With chocolate. So don't get greedy.

More Easter basket ideas after the jump.


If you're really crazy enterprising, you could include an ostrich egg in your goody basket; perfect if the recipient's a home-chef or curious foodie. Better yet go for baby blue quail eggs, which can be found at both Lee-Lee's locations, or Eggsentials' adorable egg pans from Target.   

Jelly Beans:

Instead of regular jelly beans, visit CocoaBon.com and snag some Mint Mojito jellies or pink Cosmo beans. These cocktail-flavored jelly beans don't contain any actual alcohol, but they'll class up your gift basket. Need something stronger? Word has it that if you pop 10-15 regular jelly beans into a bottle of plain vodka and let it steep for a week, you'll have jelly bean flavored vodka!


Pop by Smeeks or Sweets & Beats in downtown Phoenix for a handful of nostalgic candies to fill up your basket. Depending on the era your friend/sweetie/relative was born in, they've got everything from the Red Hots and candy buttons of the '40s to the Jolly Ranchers and Atomic Fireballs of the '80s.


The only substitute I could think of isn't legal, so... just stick with the regular plastic grass filler. 

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