Chodang Tofu and BBQ in Chandler Serves Instantly Addicting Korean Cuisine

If you're a soup fan, look forward to trying the silky smooth tofu soup at Chodang Tofu and BBQ in Chandler -- that is, if you haven't experienced it already. The dish, which can feature your choice of meat and vegetables, arrives at your table in bubbling hot in a black earthen bowl. You'll be asked if you want an egg cracked inside and your answer should probably be, "yes." The egg will poach in a matter of minutes, adding a perfect complement to your bowl of bold, red soup.

But don't stop there. When it comes to Korean cuisine Chodang joins the ranks of Valley favorites such as Cage Ga Hyang. This Chandler restaurant has a smaller menu and more limited hours, but doesn't fall short when it comes to flavor. There are dishes like bibimbap, a Korean version of do-it-yourself stir fry that comes with meat, vegetables, and yet another egg.

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Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

The main event of Korean dining has to be the big, sizzling bowls of bibimbap, which are as much about the auditory, olfactory, and visual presentation as they are about the taste. The bowls come with separate piles of rice, vegetables, and meat with optional raw egg on top. While the bowl is still hot, you quickly mix the ingredients together so the egg cooks thoroughly, kind of like DIY fried rice. Served with a squirt bottle of devilishly hot yet completely addicting red chile paste, bibimbap is good for spice lovers and wimps alike.

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