Battle of the Dishes

ChopShop Co. vs. Naturally Sweet Food Truck: Sweet Smoothie Square Off

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In This Corner: Original ChopShop Co.

The Setting: ChopShop is a classic eatery for students and professionals on Arizona State University's Tempe campus. This charming little restaurant is hidden on University Drive among college buildings, but features a large, shady outdoor patio with rustic white picnic benches. The inside is just as delightful with its bright, yet intimate atmosphere and friendly staff. There are also locations in Old Town Scottsdale and downtown Chandler.

The Good: We ordered the "Muscle Malt" here, which includes chocolate whey protein powder, peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup, malt, and non-fat milk. Yes, this one is technically a protein shake. The drink wasn't too thick, had the perfect amount of ice, and combined the three flavors well. It wasn't too sweet, so the giant 24-ounce drink is manageable. Overall, it was a perfect afternoon cool down drink and could definitely take the place of a small meal.

The Bad: Although this is a protein shake, we found the drink to be kind of chalky. The drink sticks to your throat, as is to be expected with malts. The flavor did get a little boring near the end so next time, maybe try it with a food item and not by itself.

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