Wake Up Call

Chow Bella's on Pinterest!

Chow Bella did it. We succumbed to the most addictive website to hit the internet scene since Stumble Upon. We are now on Pinterest

Never heard of Pinterest? You're missing out (or lucky, we're not exactly sure yet). It's this really great site that lets you organize, categorize, and share all the cool stuff you find while searching the web. 

So instead of seeing that awesome ombre cake on FoodGawker.com and bookmarking for future use, you can now pin it to your special "Cakes I Will Never Make" board. Wanna make those delicious turkey tacos you spotted on Pioneer Woman's blog? Pin it. Bakerella's Latest Cake Pops? Pin it.

And it's not just for food (although we kind wish it was)  -- you can pin anything. Clothes, maps, art, party ideas, $6000 couches -- whatever you want. 

Oh and you can follow your friends (or famous people you like to stalk) and see what they're pinning  -- kind of like Twitter but with pictures. 

But first -- you need an account. And in order to get an account, you're going to need an invite. 

Click here to get signed up for an invite through Pinterest (you can still see what we're pinning while you're waiting for your invite to arrive by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post) and then once you have your account set up, start following us! We add new pins (almost) daily so you'll always have pretty new food pics, tasty dinner ideas, decadent desserts, or kitchen shortcuts all waiting for you. 

WARNING -- Pinterest is highly addictive. You will waste a minimum of two hours per day on this site so plan accordingly and try to block it from your work computer! 

And remember: Everything you pin is public, which means your co-workers and friends can make fun of your pins. Try to keep it pretty and avoid posting... actually just click here and read Jackalope Ranch's Guide to Pinterest

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