Chris D'Angeli's Brownies

Yesterday in Sweet Talk Chris D'Angeli let us know what she thinks of cupcakes, how she is hungry to compete again on the Food Network Challenge, and why Phoenicians could use a dose of Texas. Chris is the chef-owner of Slice, a custom cake studio where she designs and creates showpiece wedding cakes. On Sundays, Chris sells pies, cookies, and cakes at the Ahwatukee farmer's market. She loves doing the farmer's market, to connect with people and to keep her pastry muscles flexed.

follow the jump for Chris' brownie recipe

BROWNIES with Pistachios-yield ½ sheet pan
3 cups Sugar
1 cup Butter
½ cup Cocoa Powder
½ oz Salt
2 cups Cake Flour
1.5 cups Eggs
1.5 cups Karo Syrup
0.75 oz Vanilla Extract
½ cup Pistachios

1.Cream Butter and Sugar
2.Add Karo Syrup, Salt and Vanilla and mix
3.Sift Cake Flour and Cocoa
4.Add Eggs and Dry Ingredients alternately until completely mixed
5.Add nuts and mix until evenly distributed
6.Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes

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