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Chris McKinley of The Local in Downtown Phoenix: "We Just Want to Have Fun"

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One song to describe The Local: "Smooth Operator" by Sade.

Your favorite dish on the menu and why: I love the bone marrow because when you're done, you can do a shot out of it! Pass the Jameson, please.

The next project/dish you're working on: I've got about five to seven new dishes for a happy hour menu. Everything will be between five to eight bucks.

Your three biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to food: 1. Local farms. 2. All the great restaurants we have in the Valley inspire me. 3. The people I work with, including Adam.

Two things you want everyone to know about The Local: 1. We're open! Ha-ha. 2. Think of us as a come-as-you-are type of spot. I wanna see bone marrow orders in shorts.

Your earliest food-related memory: I loved picking eggs at my grandma's farm in Arvin in northern California.

The most memorable meal you've ever had: Jean-Georges at Trump Tower in NYC. It was 17 courses, I was with two friends, and we were all dressed in three-piece suits.

Two ingredients you enjoy using the most: Pork and, um, pork.

The most overrated ingredient: Truffle oil has gotta go.

Your favorite food trend right now: It seems everyone has a poutine on their menu right now.

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