The Love Potion
The Love Potion

Christine Wisniewski's Love Potion

​Yesterday we met Christine Wisniewski, bartender and part owner at Mill Avenue's Caffe Boa. Today she shares with us the recipe for the Love Potion -- a name that's quite literal.

"The grapes, the fizziness, the elderflower and the floral notes are all part of the aphrodisiac family," Wisniewski says. "I also plan to develop tinctures to add to the drink, like rose oil and other herbs. I'm trying to make a real love potion."

The ingredients:
½ ounce simple syrup
Dash elderflower liqueur
½ ounce absinthe
2 ounces cachaca
3 ounces white grapes, muddled
Champagne to fill

How to make it:
Muddle the grapes and simple syrup in the bottom of a champagne flute. Add elderflower liqueur, absinthe, cachaca and champagne. Stir well, then find a suitable mate and get to lovin'.


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