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Wine Dinner
Christopher's never fails to impress us with their monthly wine dinner's mouthwatering menus. This Month's wine dinner takes place tomorrow, March 22nd and features wine from the Maison Marques & Domaine collection. The expertly paired four-course meal begins with a champagne reception at 6:30 p.m. then kicks off  with a tart of scallops with leeks and continues with sous vide chicken with root vegetables and gnocchi. Beef Bourguignon with wild mushrooms will be served as the main course followed by Christopher's cheesecake for dessert. $55 ++ per person. Call 602-522-2344 for reservations.

Christopher's Wine Dinner and Aged Steak in Today's Eater's Digest

Age Your Steak
You've seen it on plenty of restaurant menus "Aged Beef". What's the deal with all of this old meat? Find out for yourself and age a steak or two in your own fridge with these helpful hints from Evil Shenanigan's. Just a few days in the fridge and supposedly you have a steak fit for a king (or queen). Click here for all the juicy details.

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