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Chrysa Robertson Dishes on Her Role as Exorcist and What It Takes To Be a Woman Chef

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Five words to describe you: Demanding, impatient, irreverent, opinionated, generous.

Four words to describe Rancho Pinot: Unique, welcoming, honest, delicious.

Favorite food smell: Fresh garlic, Italian parsley & lemon zest: gremolata!

Favorite cookbook: Zuni Café by Judy Rodgers.

An ingredient you love to cook with and why: Onions. I love their versatility. They can add a spicy bite when used raw or marinated. And I love all the different shades of flavor when cooked...crispy fried, quickly browned or slowly melted into caramel goodness.

Most over-rated ingredient: Micro anything.

Most under-rated ingredient: Lemon's the universal "corrector."

Something always found in your kitchen: Good olive oil & sea salt.

Something never found in your kitchen: White pepper.

Something always found in your fridge: An embarrassingly high ratio of wine to actual food.

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