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Chubster: A Weight Loss Guide For Hipsters Written By One of New Times' Own On the Way

Music Editor Martin Cizmar is a larger than life personality. The same can not be said about his stature, however.

For nearly two years now, I have consorted with Mr. Cizmar both as a colleague and a friend and frequently sharing gastronomic delights (read: beer). Lately his indulgences have been reduced as has his body mass. We at New Times thought he was simply concentrating on losing weight. We had no idea it would land him a book deal.

The book is called Chubster, which Cizmar calls "a hipster's guide to losing weight and staying cool." It is based on the past eight months of Cizmar's vigilante effort to put down the brew and pick up hiking boots instead.

"It's about how I lost weight without going to a gym filled with spray-tanned douchebags in muscle shirts, taking up some odd grapefruit-centric diet, or joining a pathetic for-profit club of weak-willed, middle-aged women in ill-fitting Old Navy jeans," Cizmar tells Chow Bella. "It's a diet that works for someone who is, for example, employed as the music editor at an alternative-weekly newspaper in Arizona, which is a super cool job that I'm very lucky to have and which I'm hopefully going to continue doing for long time."

Cizmar plans to launch a blog about the book in 2011. For those dying to get a look at Chubster, he cautions that excitement should be held off for a while. The book will be released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt but not for more than a year, he says.

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