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Citizen Espresso Bar Owner Calls it Quits; Letter Says She Was Forced By Her Investor/Mom to Leave

UPDATE: Citizen Espresso Bar mom and owner responds to daughter's Facebook letter.

Here's one family table we'll consider ourselves fortunate not to be sitting at over the holidays.

Tiffany Dew, owner and operator of Citizen Espresso Bar, has called it quits. The reason? She says it's her investor, Sherry Dew, who also happens to be her mom.

Dew purchased the coffee shop on Central Avenue just south of Camelback in February. Formerly Lola Coffee, where Dew was a longtime employee, she changed the name to Citizen Espresso Bar and continued to use Lola's house-roasted beans but brought in changes of her own, such as a new espresso machine and making homemade baked goods on site.

Now, just over two months after opening, it appears the proverbial shit has hit the family fan.

Today, a letter was posted on Citizen Espresso Bar's Facebook page reading:

"This message is to let you all know that Tiffany and her incredible vision for Citizen Espresso Bar and our community is no longer.

As of last week, Tiffany was threatened and forced to leave her own coffee bar for the last time by her investor = mother.

The amazing morning team assembled has also been terminated and so has the in house baker and baked goods. Your new Citizen owner / operator will now be souring [sic] you fine Costco and Fry's baked goods a portion of the week.

Tiffany and I want to thank all of you for your support in what we truly felt was an amazing opportunity, vision, and concept for the community... and we were just getting started.

There is much to this disgusting story -- but for now know our hearts are broken by someone we trusted and approached to partner in the creation of Citizen.

Love, Tiffany and Mitzie"

A call to Dew's mother, Sherry Dew, has been placed.

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