Citizen Public House Beer Dinner and Drunken Beef Stew in Today's Eater's Digest

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Beer Week Beer Dinner
Reserve your table now for this exciting Beer Week event. Citizen Public House in Scottsdale will be hosting a Four Peaks Beer Dinner Thursday February 24th. Chef Bernie Kantak has created a five-course mouth-watering prix-fixe meal with primarily focused on complimenting five of Four Peaks most popular beers. Start the evening off with a Korean pear and stracchino served with local hioney and a glass of Sunbru. Continue with curried New Zealand green lip mussel chowder, cardamom seared albacore with sweet potato strudel and snow peas, pork belly pastrami with brussels spouts kraut and rye spaetzle, then finish with banana brioch bread pudding. All five courses will be paired with beer. $45++ per person. Call 480-398-4208. Reservations are required.  

Drunken Beef Stew
If Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon is a little out of you culinary comfort zone or you are just in the mood for a good and hearty stew give this Drunken Beef Stew a go. So easy to put together( it literally takes minutes) and the results are heavenly. For an extra hearty meal, omit the potatoes from the stew, and make mashed potatoes instead. Serve the stew over the mash with sauteed mushrooms and fresh baked bread. Make enough for leftovers, it's even better the next day!

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