Closed for Business, Again: Regions Bistro

It was an idea whose time hadn't come, despite repeated attempts.

Regions Bistro in Scottsdale closed this past Monday.

The restaurant first opened in early 2009, followed soon after by the launch of a sister location in Tempe (that one is already long gone, and soon, it'll be up and running as Canteen Modern Tequila Bar, from the La Bocca folks). Regions' theme was a rotating menu of American regional cuisines.

Things did not bode well early on, when the founding chef exited (see the comments section for the backlash against founders Pat Coughlin and Paul Darrow from disgruntled employees). The initial buzz on both places was pretty lame, and within a few months, both Scottsdale and Tempe were shuttered

Regions Scottsdale reopened a year ago under supposedly new ownership (again, read the comments section -- sounds like some shady stuff may have been going on, if the commenters are to be believed), with a new chef.

But the place didn't completely escape the ghosts of the past.

Did you ever eat there? If so, what did you think? Will Regions be missed? 

I have to wonder if it'll be reincarnated yet again . . . despite the concept's track record.

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