Cob Oven Pizzas from GROWop: Corn Not Included

Burrowed in the corner of the GROWop Collective's burgeoning community garden on the corner of 6th street and Garfield is a hand-built cob oven, perfectly sized for mini pizzas.

This Third Friday, the GROWop will be making pizzas topped with veggies straight from their garden for art-goers and boutique shoppers alike. No set price on the mini-garden gluten bites -- but we hear a kind donation will be warmly accepted.

The GROWop is not only a community garden but also a boutique specializing in handmade and found goods. It is no wonder they were are able to hand make the oven in just one day with a bit of clay from their garden and recycled concrete they found for free on craigslist.

What is a cob oven exactly? Find out after the JUMP.

In this case, the word "cob" has nothing to do with the delectable corn on the cob (just around the corner from being in season) we love to slather with butter and salt. The word "cob," it turns out, has multiple meanings. One of which is a rounded mass, lump or heap. Another of which is a mixture of unburnt clay and straw. Both of which currently describe the GROWop cob oven, until they fire it up for pizzas, that is.

If you won't be downtown this Third Friday, no big deal. They'll be firing up the oven for special events from here on out. Or if you're inspired to DIY it, click here to find out how.

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