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Cobb Salad in a Crouton Cone: Genius

Nick from DudeFoods.com has taken the humble cobb salad and taken it to the only logical place it could go: A cobb salad served in a crouton waffle cone. Coincidentally, he has also answered the immortal question: Who on Earth buys a waffle cone maker?

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Thankfully this isn't an ice cream flavor. Although to be honest, we're a little shocked that it isn't. Either way it seems like the most pleasing possible combination of crunch of cobb salad goodness.

Making his crouton cone cobb salad took a little doing though. As you can guess, croutons are not exactly the ideal building material for a rolled cone. While he met several failures at first, he eventually hit upon the right ratio of crouton to egg to oil: A half cup of ground crouton, one egg and a teaspoon of olive oil. A short 400 degree stint in the oven later and he had the ideal vessel to contain his cobb salad.

It's heartening to know that Nick is getting the most out of his almost absurdly single-use kitchen tool. He originally purchased hsi waffle cone maker to unite chicken and waffles in the easiest possible eating configuration. It's more than a little shocking that state fairs aren't inundated with more waffle cone based foods, most likely double fried for good measure. He's also made a delicious looking pizza cone which honestly sounds like the awesome love child of a crepe and a pizza.

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