Coffee Nerds Rejoice! Cartel Coffee Announces $15 Brewing Class Starting March 29

Craft coffee lovers and home baristas, get excited: Cartel will be offering coffee brewing classes starting on Sunday, March 29th at 11 am.

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The class, held at Phoenix Public Market Cafe, will likely be the first of a series. Added bonus: the Cafe will be providing breakfast items for all those enrolled in the class. Even better? The course only costs fifteen bucks. Yep. You read that right. Fifteen small dollars, for all the brewing knowledge you can absorb in an hour and a half.

Barista Trainer Drew Scharnitzke says that the class will start with an explanation of water quality - after all, coffee has exactly two ingredients. It's probably a good idea to make them both count.

Newer coffee lovers, or those looking to learn more about specialty coffee, will also appreciate the course. It will include an lesson in palate development to help participants expand their coffee vocabulary. Learning to identify certain flavors or qualities in the cup can help brewers modify their methods for a better final outcome; the Cartel course seeks to provide a basic brewing troubleshooting system based on this knowledge.

Other topics will include how to choose the perfect grind size and how to use Clever and Chemex brewers. Did we mention it's only fifteen dollars?

Scharnitzke promises there will be plenty of time for Q&A. So bring your questions. And Cartel will bring their answers. Register online here.

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Zaida Dedolph
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