Coming Soon: Aiello's Back Door Pizzeria

The folks behind Aiello's are getting a head start on their next restaurant.

In about three weeks, says Myrah Aiello, they'll start serving fresh, hot New York-style pizzas baked in a clay-bottom oven -- available only to go. (She and her chef husband Joe owned an Italian eatery in Manhattan before eventually settling down in Phoenix, so I can only imagine how much they crave NYC pizza.) 

And they'll only make 50 pies a night. Basically they're waiting on a shipment of special bricks to convert their existing pizza oven.

This is just a taste of what's to come, Aiello tells me. Currently, Aiello's Fine Italian Dining only occupies two-thirds of the building; the landlord will be vacating the other third on the first of the year. After that, they plan to use open a separate, more casual neighborhood restaurant for pizzas, pastries, and wine.  


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