Coming Soon: Giant Coffee

One of the neatest things I saw when I was out and about on First Friday wasn't actually a painting or a photograph, although you could call it a work of art.

Giant Coffee isn't open just yet, but Matt and Ernie Pool of Matt's Big Breakfast (get it?) opened up their new coffee shop for a special public preview, and it's a lovely space.

I can just see it now -- this will be the new downtown hangout during those inbetween hours, when it's too late to go to Matt's Big Breakfast but too early to head to the Pools' tavern, The Roosevelt. On a beautiful day, they'll have the front doors open to let the breeze and the sunshine in, and the seats will be packed with coffee-sipping, web-surfing urbanites.


The location is primo for downtowners, situated on 1st Street just one door south of McDowell, and within a block of the light rail. Thai Hut is around the corner and the Phoenix Art Museum's just across the way.

Matt Pool calls himself a "coffee purist," so don't expect flavored syrups or fancy concoctions at the coffee counter. There will be baked goods, rotating breakfast options such as poached eggs on toast, a sandwich and salad of the day, and other goodies, with an emphasis on takeaway, not sit-down eats.

Look for the opening by the end of this month.



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