Coming Soon: Global Bacon Shortage

The internet's most beloved meat is imperiled by the droughts that have been sweeping the globe this last year. Britain's pork trade group recently started sounding the alarm stating that a European pork shortage is "unavoidable."

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The reason for this is not because the drought is affecting pigs directly but rather because it has been driving up the cost of food in general and that makes feeding pigs, or cows for that matter, significantly more expensive. The feed of basic feed grains have risen so much that some farmers have even turned to feeding their animals candy and cookies just to keep them alive.

Clearly a significant increase in the cost of pork will lead to an increase in the cost of pork products such as bacon. With that in mind there's no telling how the sections of our industry which are dependent on bacon, such as Epic Meal Time and ThinkGeek, will cope with those rising costs. Are these the last days of American bacon excess? Will we sniff our bacon air fresheners, suck on our bacon pops, and reflect fondly on a time when bacon weaves were well within reach of the common home cook?

Only time will tell.

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