Coming Soon: Private Rack Gastropub

A few years back, New York jump-started the trend of "gastropubs" -- British-style watering holes that go beyond the standard pub fare of fried fish and greasy burgers to present a quality, chef-driven menu of creative dishes.

Shortly afterwards, the trend made its way to Phoenix via Mabel's on Main, Mad Chef and more recent entries such as Citizen Public House and The Windsor.

Another gastropub is in the works for the historic brick building at 7117 E. Sixth Ave. in Scottsdale, around the corner from FnB. This one, called Private Rack, will combine gourmet grub and billiards. Rumor has it that the restaurant will also offer old-school racked bottle service; liquor will be sold by the bottle and leftovers kept on hand for patrons who wish to down their alcohol slowly in several visits.  

Ah, the Rat Pack would've loved this place.

The man behind the project is Leonard Jay, the self-professed "celebrity" chef behind the former Vinery 214/Bambino Bistro. When Vinery 214 first opened, we poked fun at the disturbingly poor grammar and spelling on its web site, and it appears things haven't changed in that department (our favorite is the Private Rack bio's mention of critic "Howard Sheftel"). 

Private Rack is expected to open at the end of the summer.

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