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Coming Soon: Smell-o-Vision Postcards From the "Food Printer"

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Heads up, fellow bloggers and trolls: The future is here and it smells.

Students at the Fashion & Art Design Institute of Donghua University, China, entered designs in a competition for a chance to turn their rough sketches into reality with the help of Sony engineers. Zhu Jingxuan created one of the six winning entries by combining her love of food and travel in the form of a "food printer." A device that lets travelers share not only the sights but also the smells of exotic locales.

After a couple months of intense collaboration Zhu unveiled a working food printer which is capable of taking photos of food and then printing a postcard with the food smells embedded in it.

Think of it as a sort of smell-o-vision meets Instagram, minus all the terrible filters. We can only imagine the humble brags that will come from a device such as this. Just imagine "Wish you were here!" postcards from French Laundry.

Of course while it seems sweet that a world traveler could send a postcard redolent in the smells of India or Thailand, there are clearly some rather nefarious uses for this technology. Let's just say that we've watched Jackass 3D and we can only imagine what would happen if those fine artists got their hands on something that can not only take pictures but record smells.

Via: OC Weekly, Design Taxi and China Daily

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