Coming Soon to CenPho: The Living Room

It's been more than a year since Belgian restaurant Trente-Cinq 35 closed in a prime location at Sheridan Square, the corner of 7th Street and Sheridan that's also home to ale house The Main Ingredient and Sutra Yoga.

But by the end of this month, that very same space will be home to the second location of a wine bar called The Living Room (the first is in Chandler), owned by the folks behind Scottsdale's 5th & Wine, as well as the popular Humble Pie pizzerias: Tom Kaufman, Rich Sullivan, Patrick King, and Dave Dabruzzi.

Kaufman is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Rancho Pinot, and brings a wealth of wine expertise to the table.

Along with an extensive wine selection, there will be specialty cocktails and beer. Casual nibbles include snacks like hummus and meatball sliders, hot sandwiches, bruschetta, and salads.

Landlord Sal Calvano tells me that he's been looking for a good tenant for a long time, and that Kaufman has been delightful to work with.

"Sheridan Square is so happy to have the caliber of Tom," he says, "and also Matt from Main Ingredient, and Sutra."

Sounds like good things are happening over there. Stay tuned for specifics on the opening.

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Michele Laudig
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