Finish up those Xmas cookies and make way for the next overly commercialized, fattening food holiday

Conspiracy theory

The timing is just too weird. I write a roundup of some healthy eating options around town, and then a copy of the new Sur La Table catalog lands on my desk, with a distractingly yummy-looking, larger-than-life photo of creme brulee on the cover. It's a Valentine-themed issue, so the interior pages have plenty of pastel pink, heart-shaped knickknacks for the kitchen, displayed with all the sugary, gooey treats you can make with them. Looks like my New Year's resolutions have a built-in expiration date: February 14.

Or should I say, they would've had an expiration date, if I hadn't just blown my healthy streak over lunch, with one of those insanely good barbecued pulled pork and Fontina sandwiches at Cibo. The bread was homemade saltimbocca , still warm from the oven, and the shredded meat was smoky-sweet. I'd recommend Cibo any day of the week, but it's an especially nice option on Mondays (what's up with so many Phoenix restaurants being closed on Sundays and Mondays?).


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