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Vietnamese beverages are some of the world's most interesting thirst quenchers. Not everyone will want to slurp down pureed mung bean with tapioca and coconut milk, or quaff a liquid blend of dried longan, seaweed and red plum. But the fresh lemonade is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. And the hot, filtered French coffee, dripped tableside over sweetened condensed milk, delivers a mind-altering, caffeine-sugar high so intense it could drive illegal drugs off the market.

On the one hand, Khai Hoan is nothing more than a cheap, reliable, storefront ethnic restaurant. On the other hand, cheap, reliable, storefront ethnic restaurants help make life in the Valley worth living.

Jade Palace:
Paper-wrapped chicken
Singapore rice noodles
Steak Kew
Seafood in a Love Nest

Khai Hoan:
Banh uot thit nuong (#29)
Com tam bi cha bo nuong (#63)
Lemongrass chicken (#75)
Coffee and condensed milk

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