Corbin Chamberlin's Perfect Food Day

Corbin Chamberlin is a fashion writer for

Financial Times, Business of Fashion, Avenue Magazine, New York Magazine



. He splits his time between midtown Manhattan and Phoenix and was recently appointed fashion editor at the

Downtown Phoenix Journal

. You might have seen him around town - he's the one in a "cape, caftan or fur made by Farah Angsana ... that and velvet slippers from Del Toro." His "absolute favorite footwear." Chamberlin, who shares a last name with Uncle Aaron of

St. Francis

fame, loves to take his "snobby Conde Nast/fashion friends who come visit ... to sketchy Mexican food restaurants." No sketchy Mexican today on Chamberlin's perfect food day, just beautiful people eating beautiful food and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's Corbin Chamberlin's perfect food day:

A great day does not start with breakfast, rather a smear of La Prairie eye cream and a spritz of Jo Malone 'Pomegranate Noir' cologne, after were looking good, we head to Liberty Market for nosh.

Breakfast: I'm all about Liberty Market in Gilbert for breakfast. Joe Johnston, David and Kiersten Traina did a stellar job on the revamped Gilbert landmark. It's simple, to-the-point food that taste great. The space reminds me of Chelsea Market in Manhattan. When I'm not enjoying the 'American Standard' (a plate of eggs, 'liberty potatoes', a biscuit and turkey bacon) I'm talking fashion with Joe -- hats and "murses" are typically the point of conversation. I also inhabit the fabulous espresso bar in the evening for a caffeinated elixir to help with those late night deadlines.

You've got time to kill between breakfast and lunch, because I eat at the pace of a Skrillex song and would rather go shopping for some new threads in Downtown. Do yourself a favor and buy a Hermes scarf from Vintage by Misty or a fabulous pullover by LAmade at Bunky Boutique. Too afraid of the dressing room mirror? no problem, shop Vintage Fashion Inc. and Arcadia Vintage online, from the comfort of your Blackberry. Then onto lunch . .

Lunch: I once was on the hunt for Okonomiyaki, a kind of japanese pancake, that's filled with savory goods. Michele Laudig, pointed me in the direction of Hana Japanese Eatery. A little nook of a place that's doing the best Japanese food in town. No meal goes without a order of okonomiyaki, from there I let owner, Lori decided what I'm going to have to eat; typically it's a divine piece of fish or scallop that's just been plucked from the sea (and then transported to Phoenix). Hana lets you bring your own bottle, or box, of whatever you fancy.

Snacks: Between lunch and dinner you should find yourself at Scratch Pastries for a salted carmel macaron and coffee. The photographs on the wall (Vogue Russia covers, Hermes and Louis Vuitton ads,etc), were shot by Duc Liao, the owner of the adorable Scottsdale hotspot.

Dinner: Christopher's reminds me of Le Bernardin, but sexier, younger and more appealing to Arizona-folk. Nestled in the Biltmore Fashion Park, I fancy the eel skin seats and large 'C' on the front door -- I'm a glutton for glamour. It's best to come to Christopher's when you're most ravenous, near death by starvation because the food is so rich -- or at least what I order is. You can't visit Christopher's without drinking champagne, I prefer Perrier Jouet with a splash of St. Germain. From there, you must order the lobster bisque, do your best not to spill it on your divine cocktail dress from Farah Angsana while inhaling it. Since well cooked duck seems to be a rare thing in Arizona, I always find myself having the 'Duck Two Ways' it's crispy and tender. Christopher Gross, the chef and owner will likely find his way to your table, I love his witty and sometimes delightfully vulgar humor, it complements the food perfectly.

Dessert: Now at the end of the day, it's time to finish off with something sweet. The butterscotch pudding at FnB is simply exquisite -- the kind of thing you don't share with others. The pudding is as almost as sweet as Pavle Milic's disposition, owner of FnB, who skews every guest with glistening compliments. In the 6.2 seconds it takes to imbibe the divine dessert, make time to notice the glorious tile work and glowing atmosphere of the restaurant.

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