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Corbin's Bar & Grill: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Corbin's Bar & Grill, 8729 North Central Avenue, 602-466-3201 www.corbinsbarandgrill.com

The Hours: Happy hour prices are available 3 to 7 p.m, daily.

The Details: Choose (wisely) from house wine priced at $5 a glass, ordinary house martinis (think appletini or cosmo) at $6 and draft micro-brews at $2.75. Though the their limited happy hour drink menu lists well drinks for $3.50, don't forget to add .50 for juice and $1 for rocks (because who doesn't love their low quality vodka neat?!).

Food-wise, there are ten items that range from $5 to $9, which include beef tenderloin sliders, potato skins, and fish tacos. We went against the usual bar food suspects (such as housemade potato chips smothered in feta cheese and hot sauce) and opted for their bacon wrapped scallops and seared sesame ahi tuna. Let's just say we should have stuck to the basics.

The Interior: Though the inside is modern and the patio is cozy and scenic, this random North Phoenix destination is still your quintessential neighborhood "bar & grill," complete with old-folk regulars and a few flip flop wearing twenty somethings.

The Cost: Two beers, one mediocre cocktail and three appetizers came out to 35 bucks before tax and tip.

Conclusion: Generally, happy hours are about bargains so when we discovered the whoppin' $.75 difference between regular menu prices vs. happy hour prices, we were left with bad taste of beef tenderloin grizzle in our mouth. Of course we weren't expecting anything too highbrow from a place with "bar & grill" in the name but let's face it, minor discounts on low quality bar fare?

Corbin's limited little happy hour is in some serious need of summer school.

Overall Grade: D

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Nicole Smith
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