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Corduroy in Midtown Phoenix Is Not Really a Tapas Bar -- But It Does Have Good Cocktails

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You might have thought (or wished) the sharable small plate trend had come to an end, but Corduroy dedicates about a quarter of the menu to the idea. Alongside entrees such as mussels ($13), katsu fried chicken ($14), and raised red curry lamb ($17), you'll find a column of small plates ranging from veal meatballs ($12) and spanikopita ($11) to original creations such as the Crispy Cuban Cigars ($13).

This eggroll-like dish takes inspiration from a Cuban sandwich, and features ham, pulled pork, Gruyere cheese, and caramelized onions wrapped in a wonton roll. Served with a side of pleasantly tart pickle and mustard grain aioli, the six pieces are easy to share and likable enough. Not so great that we'd feel the urge to try them again, but how wrong can you really go with deep-fried pork, cheese, and dough?

The equally imaginative Portuguese Corn Dogs ($11) were less successful. The thought of deep-fried and battered linguiça piqued our interest, but too-greasy batter made reality fall short of our vision.

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