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Count Calories Through Your iPhone Photos

Counting calories is such a pain. We just want to eat and be happy. Ugh, but then we can't button our pants after too much blissful ignorance. Great, now what? Well, if you have an iPhone, there's totally an app for that. Fill Your Plate tweeted the link to this story about the application that knows approximately how many calories you're consuming on that plate of food you just uploaded. Genius.

Meal Snap was developed by DailyBurn to use your photos and compare them to 500,000 others to "quickly help identity the food, how many calories there are, proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins, whatever you may want to know," said DailyBurn CEO Andy Smith. "Users can then choose to share what they've eaten on Twitter or FourSquare, leading to social accountability."

We're not sure we are ready to identify and share all the horrific caloric details but if we ever change our mind, we'll hop on iTunes and shell out $2.99 to start snapping and counting.

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Jennifer Woods
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