Country Velador of Super Chunk Sweets and Treats: Pie Social Celebrity Bakers 2014

Forks up, Phoenix! Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row present the fifth annual Pie Social from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, November 15, at the "What Should Go Here" Pop Up Park at Second and Roosevelt streets. We've got an all-star lineup of bakers making pies for you to taste, and from now till Pie Social, we'll introduce them to you, one by one through a quick Pie.Q. quiz to test their baking prowess.

Today: Country Velador of Super Chunk Sweets and Treats

"Pie is a breeze; candy is hard!" says Pie Social 2013 Best in Show winner Country Velador. The Super Chunk Sweets and Treats co-owner and Cowboy Ciao pastry chef says she's not worried about defending her title. Instead she says she's excited about the community aspect of the annual event.

"That's honestly what I really like," she says.

And though you can always find pie at the sweet shop Velador operates with her husband Sergio, the main offerings consist of all manner of old fashioned candies. You'll find anything from hand-pulled taffy and French-style gum drops called pâte de fruit to seasonal sweets like candy corn and caramel apples. This year Velador says her Pie Social entry will be inspired by one of her other sweet creations -- though you'll have to show up to sample the final product.

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It's 15 minutes until Pie Social and you drop a pie: What do you do?

I fib and say that they're all there.

What's the single most important tool in pie making?

It depends on the pie you're making cause I was gonna say cold butter and having cold ingredients for the crust... Last year I think I said love. So, love and determination.

What's the most important ingredient in a pie crust?

Cold butter! You know, I actually make Thomas Keller's pie crust recipe and it changed my life.

What's the secret to the perfect fruit filling consistency?

Fresh fruit

Hand pie, pie in a jar, or no mini pies EVER?

Hand pie. I don't like desserts in jars. I'm not a big dessert in jars person.

What's on your pie-making playlist?

Pandora. Honestly, Sergio takes control of the radio and he changes it all the time. He started playing so much Modest Mouse I had to start putting thumbs down on Modest Mouse. I'm like, so sick of Modest Mouse and The Clash!

What will be the next big pie trend?


You have to make 100 pies in 5 hours. Who you gonna call for help?

Katrina, my sous chef. She's like my right arm at Ciao and she busts things out quick.

How do you spend your down time while your pies are in the oven?

Cleaning up

In one word, what's your strategy for competing as a celebrity baker this year?


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