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Country Velador's 5 Best Sandwiches in Metro Phoenix

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The Pennsylvania Dutch Treat at Duck and Decanter

This place holds a special place in my heart. My mom used to take me there when I was a kid, waaaaay back in the '80s. Seeing the deli case full of salads and the shelves stocked with chocolates, candies (including my favorite at the time, La Vie), and lots of old-timey sodas, made my senses perk up and take notice. They serve a number of great sandwiches. One of my favorites is the Pennsylvania Dutch Treat. Soft dark rye filled with Lebanon bologna and sauerkraut with champagne mustard.

Naco Torta at Otro Cafe

This is is one of my new favorite restaurants, and its Naco Torta is very good, with grilled rib eye and fried eggs. But if you want amazing, do this: Order the Pollo Asado. When the citrus-marinated chicken comes to the table, pull it apart and layer it between two of their homemade tortillas with the seasonal veggies and aioli that it comes with, then add some of their salsa verde (it comes with their chips and salsa). It may be cheating to call it a sandwich, but did I already say it's amazing? Yes I did!!

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